Together, we can make our society more free, more tolerant, more just.
Together, we can be more powerful in preventing trafficking in human beings.
Together, we must demand a change of regulations and change of practices, so to prevent corruption from flourishing in public institutions.
Together, we must demand change in public systems of information, of culture and of education in regard to treatment of information on events from the recent wartime past, so to ensure that recurrence of conflicts is permanently prevented and sustainable peace and real stability are ensured, both in the country and in the region.
Together, starting now, we can do something to protect human rights of our fellow citizens threatened either by activity or by inactivity of state institutions.
Join us
It is important that we are active and loud, both in the defence of our democracy and in our demands for the rule of law. This fight we will not win without each other – demands for respect of democratic procedures and respect for human rights will be taken into account only if we raise them together.
Get involved  
Details about ongoing activities, as well as details about how one could get involved or contribute to the activities of our organisation will be posted regularly – just make sure that you follow posts on this page or updates on our profiles on social networks.
Occasionally, there is a need for some volunteer work in our organization. With the support that they provide, volunteers contribute immensely to our work and its results. If you wish to volunteer in "Three Points", here's how you could help, among other:
• media monitoring
• translating
• collecting data for researches and analyses
• communicating with the online community
• engaging your expertise in our activities
• providing support in writing project proposals
Volunteering agreements are concluded and executed in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Volunteering.  
Calls for engagement of volunteers will be advertised on this website and on social media.
Cross-border cooperation
Our associates and activists often participate in initiatives of other organizations of similar type in the country and abroad, as well as in initiatives of international organizations that aim to promote human rights and to advocate for democracy and rule of law.
Creating networks and partnerships with citizens, activists and organizations both in the country and abroad, with purpose of improving the practice of human rights and fundamental freedoms and developing human rights culture, is one of the priorities of our organization.



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