01 / september / 2013.

Our organisation was established in Belgrade in 2013. Its name was inspired by the first initiative we have developed, that was about the general policy of combating trafficking in human beings (which basically is founded on prevention, prosecution of perpetrators and protection of victims - so-called "three points“). In our work, we focus on improvement of implementation of legal framework on human rights as well as on development of the human rights culture in the society.
A state where - instead of powerful and efficient public authorities governed by the good governance principles - there is only illusion of existence of institutions that act in public interest, where there is arbitrariness in the implementation of laws and by-laws, where citizens are de facto excluded from decision-making processes or reguarly prevented from accessing  information on the work of institutions, neither is a state that we could call essentially democratic, nor it is a state that fosters the rule of law or human rights and fundamental freedoms. Also, one cannot speak about the enjoyment of human rights in a society where citizens are poorly informed or are exposed regularly to misinformation on issues of public importance, so as well as on their own rights and fundamental freedoms. What we wish to see is a state where both public authorities and non-state actors are accountable and law-obedient, where the legislative framework comprehensively protects human rights and fundamental freedoms and is being applied to everyone in a non-arbitrary manner, where the procedures by which the laws are enacted, administered, and enforced are transparent, inclusive, fair and efficient and the dispute resolution mechanism is accessible and impartial. What we wish to see is that citizens are being informed and empowered to demand their rights. Enjoyment of universally agreed human rights and fundamental freedoms is therefore de facto ensured for all citizens in the state that we strive for.
Our vision is fully democratic society and the state with a strong rule of law, where human rights and fundamental freedoms are enjoyed by all.
Our mission is to contribute to strenghtening the rule of law using tools for improvement of practice of human rights and fundamental freedoms, such as civilian oversight of public authorities that implement relevant regulations, strategies, plans and decisions, by raising fact-based questions on issues vital for advancement of practice of human rights, by advocating solutions before relevant decision makers, as well as to contribute to development of the human rights culture by implementing educational and informative initiatives and activities, by involving and linking the expert public and activists, and by creating platforms and networks for information exchange and dialogue.
Our values are the commitment to prevention and ending of human rights violations; independence, fairness, accountability and transparency in our work; maintaining principles of honesty, accuracy and precision in research engagements; responsibility towards citizens, whistleblowers, witnesses or victims of human rights violations that address us with their experiences and testimonies; adhering to the concept of integrity in all aspects of existence and functioning of the organisation; standing for and advocating for integrity in the process of establishing and functioning of both state and non-state actors.

Our organisation has acceded to the Code of Ethics of Civil Society Organizations. The Code of Ethics (in Serbian) is available here.
What we do Our organisation gathers lawyers, political scientists, journalists, sociologists, but also experts from other disciplines, activists and citizens sharing the commitment to the same goal - improved implementation of legal framework on human rights and developed human rights culture.

Independently or in partnership with organizations with similar goals, up till now we have produced several alternative reports, studies and pilot-researches. One regional internet portal has been developed. Series of lectures have been held in the country and in the region.
Our members and activists often participate in initiatives of other similar organizations in the country and abroad, as well as in initiatives of international organizations that aim to promote human rights and that engage in advocacy for democracy and the rule of law. 

Our gratitude Help or support of our associates of various backgrounds is essential for our daily work. For achieving the purpose for which the organisation was established their knowledge and expertise are vital - we are so very grateful to all of them. We owe special thanks to the IT expert, Nikola Beljanski for the selfless support he has been providing ever since Three Points was only a vague idea.

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